Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Prodromos Ex Most Sky finally on the move in Birkenhead docks 27th April 2015

The small cargo ship Most Sky arrived in palls of black smoke in a very sorry state over 4 years ago, it was strange as she is not an "old" vessel! She was arrested within days of arrival for various issues, the crew had no heating or the means to cook food to name but 2!!
She was pretty much abandoned by her owners and the small crew was taken in by local charities until the ship was sold and the men recieved their wages and were able to return home. Most Sky was sold and renamed Prodromos and continued to reside in the West float dock, Birkenhead. for a long time there seemed to be no "life" onboard.
On the 27th April 2015 2 Smit tugs arrived (Sandon and Zeebrugge) to move the vessel to the Cammel Lairds yard for work/service having bieng sold again! to  Ege Maritime Inc. of Istanbul, now renamed NUR. 
She was moved "dead ship" through Birkenhead although she did have some working winches for and aft, she did have some "minor" collisions with the quayside on her journey out

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