Sunday, 14 October 2018

River Mersey shipping for 14th October 2018

MSC Ornella made her maiden call at Liverpool today, arriving on high water to berth on Liverpool2 south, also here is ACL Atlantic Star and RMS Veritas on her way to Manchester

MSC Ornella

RMA Veritas

ACL Atlantic Star

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

RFA Fort Rosalie on the move to Cammel Lairds 8th October 2018

Royal Fleet Auxilliary fleet replenishment ship Fort Rosalie A385 was towed out of Birkenhead docks yesterday and taken to dry dock at Cammel Lairds by 4 Kotug/Smit tugs.

The vessel was "caught" by the strong currents upon exiting the lock at Alfred entrance and had to  drop an anchor to slow her swing!

RFA Fort Rosalie

RFA Fort Rosalie 

RFA Fort Rosalie 

RFA Fort Rosalie 

RFA Fort Rosalie drops her anchor!

RFA Fort Rosalie

RFA Fort Rosalie and kotug/smit Waterloo and Sandon

Saturday, 15 September 2018

River Mersey movements upto W/ending 15th sept 2018

Bit of a mixed bag from past week or so.

Korsaro was the largest chem tanks into Birkenhead for quite a while, Bulker Pride finally got in to Birkenhead after her aborted attempt last week, MSC Sena arrived for Liverpool2.

Clipper Ranger arrived for "layup"?? in the old Bidston dry dock, twin mast sailing vessel Phoenix arrived and went into Canning dock

Pola Atlantic


MSC Sena

MSC Sena

Korsaro swings for Alfred

Kotug/Smit Sandon

Stella Orion

Korsaro in alfred basin

CLipper Ranger

Spanaco Progress


Kotug/Smit Barbados

spanaco Progress running down in Alfred basin

Dredger Sospan dau at the CLT, Liverpool

Svitzer Warden



Friday, 7 September 2018

A catch up from past few weeks, inc Disney Magic at Liverpool

Yet another "new" camera! well new to me anyways, traded my Sony A200 kit in for a Panasonic Lumix FZ200 and have been very pleased with results so far.

As usual lots of Mersey movements, with at least one chem/product tanker now discharging in ALfred basin to the UM tanks nearby.

The Bulker Pride had to abort her lock in at Alfred lock, Birkenhead due to draught issues in the basin and she is now anchored at the Liverpool Bar presuming to await a "higher" high water 

Disney Magic at Liverpool for the day on 7th Sept.



Kotug/Smit tugs Sandon and Belgie with Pride off Alfred lock

Kotug/smit Belgie

New build Arklow Villa

MSC Malin on L2 berth 

Tanker Brent swinging for Langton lock, she aborted??

Tanker Hong Kong Dawn passing the EGG bouy

Svitzer Stanlow trail tug for the tanker
RFA Fort Austin

Spanaco Loyalty discharging in West Float

RFA Fort Rosalie

Besiktas Orient discharging at Alfred basin

Chem/prod tanker Besiktas Orient
Disney Magic and Manannan at the Pierhead, Liverpool

Disney Magic and the "liver birds"

Disney Magic

Pride, having aborted lock in about to sail out of the Mersey