Sunday, 12 August 2018

Birkenhead docks "visit", HMs Bronington and RFA Fort Rosalie

Quick trip to the West float again today, RFA Fort Rosalie from the other side of the dock, cargo ship Cathy Jo unloading and the continuing sad sight that is the still sunken HMS Bronington M115 in gillbrook basin, she had been like this for over  2 years now!!! WHY???? only had my phone with me so nothing great with image quality

RFA Fort Rosalie A385

HMS Bronington M1115

Cathy Jo unloading 

RFA Fort Rosalie A385

Cathy Jo and RFA Fort Rosalie in West float docks, Birkenhead

Royal Fleet Auxiliary vessels in Birkenhead 11th August 2018 AKA "Birkenhead Navy"

RFA Fort Rosalie A385 and RFA Fort Austin A386 currently reside in West float dock at Birkenhead, Austin has been here since her refit/service at Cammel Lairds last year with Rosalie arriving this year for a supposed 2 year "layup". This author has "heard" that Austin might be "re-activated" at some point in 2018!!

RFA Fort Victoria A387 is in Cammel Lairds having had a major refit that includes a double hull modification to allow her to supply both fuel and dry stores/ammunition to the new QE class carriers

RFA Wave Knight A389 is also in Lairds for a regular service/refit and her sister vessel RFA Wave Ruler A390 is in Royal Seaforth dock in Liverpool for some reason!!

RFA Fort Austin A386

RFA Fort Austin A386

RFA Fort Rosalie A385

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Maersk Sentosa at Liverpool 31st July 2018, Largest container vessel to date!

Following the "disruption" at the port of Felixestowe with the handling of containers some companies have had to divert vessels to avoid further delays, Maersk Sentosa is one such vessel, now bieng the largest vessel of her type to not only come to liverpool but also use the new river berth Liverpool 2, she is now sharing the berth with container ship Demeter

Maersk Sentosa at the Crosby bend, approaching New Brighton

Seatruck Pace passing Maersk Sentosa

Maersk Sentosa approaching her berth

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Maersk Sentosa and Demeter on Liverpool2

Saturday, 28 July 2018

Clipper round the world race finish at Liverpool 28th July 2018

After starting the round the world race in Liverpool in 2017 the yachts returned today to finish the race on the River Mersey.

Also here is Princess cruises vessel Royal Princess

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Liverpools "new" river berth L2 now in use by 2 vessels

The new(ish) container berth on the River Mersey, known as Liverpool2 is now being utilised by 2 vessels simultaneously for the first time!!

Ongoing delays and issues at the port of Felixstowe have meant that large container handling lines have had to look elsewere to take up the "slack", which is good news for Liverpool2

Large conatainer ship Cardiff arrived a few days ago, showing a pretty full load, she was joined by MSC Sena with both vessels utilising all 5 large gantry cranes, 3 more of these cranes are sheduled for delivery in the future.

Cardiff and MSC Sena on Liverpool2

MSC Sena