Friday, 10 October 2014

HMS Plymouth, the HMS Plymouth trust, save HMS Plymouth F126

After witnessing the failed attempt at saving HMS Plymouth over the last few weeks i feel i have to put a few things on my lowly little blog.

For the most part the campaign to save the ship has been funded by publicly donated money, the problem now lies in the fact that the "trusts" webpage has NOT been updated with the very relevant facts like THE SHIP IS NOW SCRAPPED AND HAS BEEN FOR SOME TIME!!!

If you are reading this and you have donated you might want to email the "trust" and inquire as to were your money is and what it is now bieng used for?? also if you are reading this and have not donated you may also want to email the trust and ask why they are continuing with donation requests and for what purpose

the "trusts" webpage is here.. HMS Plymouth trust

The "trusts" SOLE director can be contacted using this email..

The day before the ship was towed out of Birkenhead the "trust" asked for donations to cover the cost of an application for an arrest warrant on the vessel, this would in theory prevent her from being towed away, some £5000 was raised in very short order.  The warrant was never even applied for and members of the Save HMS Plymouth Facebook group were BANNED for asking questions about the publicly raised monies!!! this banning even included ex serviceman who were on the ship during the Falklands war!!!

A Turkish court was approached in the application of an injuction to prevent the ships scrapping upon arrival at Aliaga. some £12000 was placed into the court as "sureties". the injunction was REFUSED and in theory the 12K should have been returned to the "trust" but upto now no-one has said were this money actually is and again people have been banned for asking or labelled as "trolls" and trouble makers for even asking perfectly reasonable quesions

Last week there was an attempt at purchasing the ship from the scrapyard, this was in theory a sound idea BUT the trip for 2 men was costed at some £700 and was paid for again by public donations!! The post trip report stated some very questionable items with regards to Peel holdings involvement and the Ministry of Defence BUT what was posted on Facebook was very different to what one of the men who went over stated in the Plymouth Herald paper. Basically he refuted the MoD`s involvement claim made on Facebook, it was according to him completely UNTRUE.

EDIT 13th NOV 2014, to clear up some confusion on the above paragraph here is the link to the Plymouth Herald article which shows that the MOD`s involvement was not true or at least stated as not bieng according to paperwork.

Plymouth Herald article

Finally (for now) if you want to see for yourself the confusion and complete lack of any coordination of the group pop along to their Facebook page and have a look for yourself, while your there see if you can find ANYTHING at all relevant about a failed campaign that was funded by publicly donated money by a man that has not been seen or heard from for nearly 3 weeks

Dont ask any "awkward" questions as you might find yourself banned!!!!

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