Friday, 29 July 2011

A little phone reviewing!! images anyway, Nokia N8

Finally got my hands on a Nokia N8 last week, its not been out of my hands since, the camera on this thing is without doubt the BEST fitted on any phone period!!!

12MP, large sensor, Carl Ziess optics (glass) F2.8, 28mm lens....the list goes on. Oh and HD video with an almost no loss 3X digital zoom.

Having used a good few mobiles over the years, from android to SE to IOS i have found that there are few stand out features nowadays, they all do pretty much the same thing, and NO i have no brand "snobbery" influencing my choices. For me the camera on the N8 is the stand out feature from a photography point of view. (this is a genuine replacememnt for my Fuji JZ300 compact)

All the images here are straight off the camera with no editing or cropping, i have experimented with the many camera options and as its new to me i still am trying new things out, but the images speak for themselves......

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