Wednesday, 13 January 2010

More Irish Ferries vessels for Cammel Lairds

Following the Ulysses ferry getting a service at Cammel Lairds one of the local papers is today reporting that the yard is to get the work on at least 2 other vessels from the Irish Ferries line. Isle of Inishmore is inbound for Lairds sometime today, she is currently at the Bar in Liverpool bay, the fast craft Jonathan Swift is due in sometime tomorow! Cammel Lairds has just done some major work/service on a Fisher tanker, the Clyde Fisher left the yard a few days back and is now on her way to Milford Haven. Cammel Lairds also has the contract for the refit/service of a major portion of the current UK RFA fleet.

If conditions are "favourable" i will try and get pic of both vessels