Thursday, 19 November 2009

HMS Plymouth and HMS Bronnington in Birkenhead docks

The 2 remaining vessels from the Historic warships display are now sitting in Victoria dock, Birkenhead. They are no longer open to the public. Both vessels are in a very sorry state with no ongoing maintenance going on since they have been placed in that dock. HMS Bronnington was one of the last wooden hulled mine counter measures vessels to be built and was once captained by HRH Prince Charles. HMS Plymouth is a veteran of the Falklands war, she was struck by several bombs (which did not explode) and the surrender of the Argentine forces was signed onboard her.

Very sorry to see these ships in such a state.


marjack126 said...

I have recently 'heard' that Bronington has quite a serious list. As I haven't been over to Vittoria Dock for quite some time, I don't know how true this is? Anyone able to shed any light on this?


Martin Slater
Secretary H.M.S. Plymouth Association

Phil Owen said...

Bronington does sometimes list, but apparently she takes on water thru her deck and not her hull. I think she gets pumped out when the list becomes serious. Have heard there is an interest in her from a buyer in wales with plans for a tourist attraction!!??

marjack126 said...

Cheers for that Phil. Hadn't heard about the interest from Wales, but imagine it would cost a fair amount to get her back in condition to accept visitors. Good luck to 'em though!