Sunday, 18 October 2009

Queen Mary 2 Liverpool visit 20th October 2009

Cunards biggest vessel Queen Mary 2 is coming to Liverpool for the first time on 20th Oct, she will arrive around noon and will sail out around 23.00hrs. There will be a firework display when she leaves.

Mersey ferries are running all 3 ferries on the day, there will be special cruises with commentary etc. 2 of the ferries are going out off New Bighton to "meet" QM2 and return with her (good chance these are now fully booked).

Also on the Mersey this week will be the Royal Navy carrier HMS Illustrious, she will be on the pierhead for 5 days as part of the final celebrations of this years "100 years of naval aviation" event. Will post a full list of events over next few day but the highlight should be a massive flypast of over 40 aircraft and helicopters on Friday.

will keep you all posted

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