Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Seascout Tanker leaves the mersey 5th nov 2007

Hi to anyone reading, not done this before but thought some might find it interesting to see whats frequenting the river mersey at the moment. Cant guarantee i can get there everyday but coupled with info from the ais liverpool website i can track and photo most ships and craft using the river.

Most pics will be a mixture of digital and film, quality is not always good as the weather can be very bad, especially the light. There will also be some pics from the lowflying areas in north wales

Anyways......This is the tanker seascout leaving the mersey asfter birthing at tranmere for a few days.......

Type:Tanker (80)
Details:Crude Oil Tanker
Size:244m x 42m x 12.5m
Tonnage:57301gt, 106330dwt
Built:Jan 2004

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