Saturday, 24 October 2020

RRS Sir David Attenborough leaving Cammel Lairds 21st Oct 2020 "Boaty Mcboatface"

The polar research vessel RRA Sir David Attenborough left her makers yard at Cammel Lairds this week under her own power for the first time. After setting her compass on the River Mersey she made her way over to the pierhead at Liverpool where she is now berthed prior to starting an extensive period of trials in the Irish Sea.



Monday, 11 May 2020

HMS Dauntless D33 arriving at Cammel Lairds for upgrade work

The Royal Navies type 45 destroyer HMS Dauntless has arrived at Cammel Lairds to undergo a propulsion upgrade program! She was assisted by tugs from Svitzer and Baluda Towage

The work will include the removal of 2 existing generators and replacing them with 3 new more powerful more about it here...

Sunday, 8 March 2020

HMS Prince of Wales R09 leaves Liverpool 6th March 2020

The Royal Navies latest aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales left Liverpool on Friday after spending a week on the Pierhead!, Weather was 100% better than when she arrived ;-) there was a huge turnout of people along the prom for her leaving and a UK F35B did 2 flypasts!!!

Also here are some "night shots" of her taken the night before she left, the drone images are published here with the full permission of the owner stratusimagery and you can visit his twitter here...

Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Helicopter "ops" on HMS Prince of Wales R09 today at Liverpool

The helicopters that were embarked on the aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales left the vessel today. I missed the Lynx wildcat and the 2 Merlins but managed to "catch" the Chinook!!

not the best quality images as my camera was at max zoom in the rain!

Sunday, 1 March 2020

Visit to HMS Prince of Wales at Liverpool 1st March 2020

Paid a visit to the HMS Prince of Wales today and it was impressive, the public were only "allowed" into the hangar area/deck which was a shame but there was plenty to see and do! The whole event was very well organised considering 13K free tickets for the event went within an hour!! The weather was 100% better than the day she arrived.

HMS Prince of Wales will leave the Mersey on the 6th March and hopefully in the future we will get to see and visit her sister ship HMS Queen Elizabeth